Foods you think are healthy…. but they’re not.

Foods you think are healthy…. but they’re not.

Foods you think are healthy…. but they’re not.

1. Granola

This sounds like the healthy option for breakfast, filled with wholegrains and fruit. But it is not only high in calories but contains a lot of sugar from sugar-coated dried fruit, often chocolate chips and sweetened oats.

Try: making your own with full fat Greek or coconut yoghurt, top with 1 piece of fresh fruit and layer with chia seeds, whole nuts and other of your favourite seeds.

2. Dried Fruit Nut Mix

Dried fruit nut mix might seem like a good, healthy snack option, especially compared to a chocolate bar. But they’re about the same! They are loaded with candy coated pieces, chocolate covered raisins and deep-fried banana chips. If you have just two handfuls, you’re consuming around 600 calories chock full of simple sugars, trans fat and refined carbohydrates.

Try: blending together natural raw nuts, seeds, unsalted peanuts with 90% dark chocolate.

3. Fruit Juice

Most packaged fruit juices are essentially concentrated sugar. Not the health elixirs we so want them to be. The high fructose liquid is rocketed to your liver where it will be stored as fat.

Try: a whole piece of fruit, packed with fibre, vitamins, minerals and nutrients

5. Flavoured Yoghurt

Just a small serve of flavoured yoghurt is packed with more sugar than you possibly suspect. Most flavoured yoghurts have 15g per 170g serve. That’s over three teaspoons of sugar. Often ‘flavoured’ means that the fat is removed and sweetened with sugar and other flavours.
. Try: Full fat natural or Greek yoghurt

6. Ready made smoothies and protein shakes

When you’re thirsty and want something sweet, it may seem like a good idea to have a fruit smoothie, but some have more calories than a burger and fries. Some premade or store-bought smoothies have the same, if not more sugar than fizzy drinks. Some have as much as 500 up to 1000 calories per serving due to the extreme portions of fruit, added simple sugars and syrups.

Try: Alpha Lipid™ SDII™, Shapeup or one of our smoothies under recipes

7. Vegetable Chips

Surprise, potatoes are a vegetables too! Just because they are made from vegetables, doesn’t mean that they are healthy. Most contain very little vegetables because of how processed they are. What’s more, most of the nutrients are destroyed because of this too. What you end up with is a chip that’s artificially coloured and flavoured to look and taste like a vegetable chip.

Tip: Try making kale chips or your own baked vegetables

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